We are Apple Mac support specialists

Do you need Apple Mac Support As Soon As Possible at an affordable price?

Do you need quick remote support for your Apple Mac without leaving your home or business?

NO Booking

NO Travel

NO Parking fees

NO Expensive repeat journey to a city-centre location

NO Shipping your treasured Apple Mac

NO Days of waiting for a resolution

Sounds good right?

95% Of cases can be solved remotely

We are a lean mean Apple Mac support team born out of Coivd19

We aim to reduce the cost of Apple Mac support and reduce the time, cost and productivity lost when you’re having software or technical issues.

Many of these issues can be solved remotely without the need for repeat trips to city centre locations or shipping your Apple authorised repair centre which adds costs every step of the way.

How are we different? We offer a totally remote service that can help troubleshoot your issues remotely this reduces the cost and time lost dramatically.

We have operated for 20 years within the Apple Mac industry and support hundreds of devices all over Europe for global leading enterprise organisations within the digital imaging, graphics and print industry. During this time we have become specialists in remotely supporting Apple Mac users and masters in reducing the downtime and cost incurred that can quickly mount up.

To make sure our service is right for you we offer a 15-minute call for you to explain your issues and for us to answer all the questions you have. This gives you time to figure out if our service is right for you and if we can help solve your issue 95% of the time we have seen the exact issue that you are experiencing and know how to rectify this quickly and efficiently.

We offer a no fix no fee service and we only charge for the time taken to rectify the issue. If it’s something hardware related that we cannot cover remotely then we put our hands up and look into another better fitting solution for you.

We operate in the Birmingham area remotely from our base within Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands, Birmingham.

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We have over 20 years of experience within the digital imaging, graphics and print industry. Working in the private sector within global leading enterprise organisations. We delivered multiplatform solutions integrating and supporting Mac and Windows platforms. We are highly experienced with budgeting, purchasing, project management, multi-site operations, building management and data centre operations. With a vast knowledge of standardising configurations and working practices to align and ensure continuity with a business.

Where we add real value?

We have added value to everyone and every business we have come into contact with the extensive knowledge of business as we operated at all level.

We also specialise in helping you cut the I.T costs of your business as we have deep knowledge of all the tools that are needed to run a business and where the savings can be made.

We are originally from the digital imaging, graphics and printing industry. We can add huge value to this sector this is where we really excel in providing services to you or your business. If you are a startup or small business without a dedicated I.T person we can step in and bridge that gap and offer advice across the board. This could be subscriptions, upgrades, security, data management and backups our experience is endless we have hit every problem you have or may face with your business.

If you’re a Startup, Small Business, Design Agency, Freelancer, Marketing Agency, Creative Agency, Web Designer, Content Creator, Artworker, Retoucher contact us to see how we can help.

Cost for our service?

Business Hours

9:00 till 17.00    –    Monday
9:00 till 17.00    –    Tuesday
9:00 till 17.00    –    Wednesday
9:00 till 17.00    –    Thursday
9:00 till 17.00    –    Friday

Cost per hour between business hours £60

Out Of Hours

17:00 till 21.00  –  Monday
17:00 till 21.00  –  Tuesday
17:00 till 21.00  –  Wednesday
17:00 till 21.00  –  Thursday
17:00 till 21.00  –  Friday
9:00 till 21.00    –  Saturday
9:00 till 21.00    –  Sunday

Cost per hour between out of hours £96

Here’s what some of our clients say about us!

I needed urgent help with my Apple Mac I was running an old OS as I didn't have time or knowledge to upgrade this myself I gave Apple ASAP a call they looked into if I could upgrade and if my MacBook Air could go to the latest OS. I had upgraded previous and struggled with some apps after. Apple ASAP helped me with the fresh install of the latest OS all remotely. I'm so happy everything works again now and I didn't have to drop it anywhere and wait for days to get it back.​
macbook air, laptop, computer-2630705.jpg
John Collins
We are a small outfit and all work from home saving costs on office space. We had a miss-match of OS's and everybody running different versions it was a nightmare. We got in touch with Apple ASAP and they aligned all our Apple Mac since then everything has been plain sailing. Great service we will be going to them for advice in the future such great service.
people, girl, woman-2569404.jpg
Katie Collins
Creative Director

The Apple Mac Range That Can Run The Latest OS 12 Monterey

Apple IMac

pixabay, imac, apple-2813940.jpg
Apple IMac that can run the latest OS 12 Monterey
24″ iMac “M1” 2021 (7-Core GPU, 2 USB)
24″ iMac “M1” 2021 (8-Core GPU, 4 USB)
27″ iMac Retina 5K 2020 (5700/5700 XT)
27″ iMac Retina 5K 2020
21.5″ iMac Retina 4K 2019
27 iMac Retina 5K 2019
iMac Pro 2017
27″ iMac Retina 5K Mid 2017
21.5″ iMac 4K Mid 2017
21.5″ iMac Mid 2017
27″ iMac Retina 5K Late 2015
21.5″ iMac Late 2015
21.5″ iMac Late 2015

Apple MacBook

workplace, macbook, computer-4155023.jpg
Apple MacBook that can run the latest OS 12 Monterey​
MacBook 12″ Mid 2017
MacBook 12″ Early 2016
MacBookAir 13″ “M1” Late 2020
MacBookAir 13″ Early 2020
MacBookAir 13″ 2019
MacBookAir 13″ 2018
MacBookAir 13″ Early 2015
MacBookAir 11″ Early 2015
13″ Touch “M1” Late 2020
13″ Touch Mid 2020 Two Thunderbolt 3 Ports
13″ Touch Mid 2020 Four Thunderbolt 3 Ports
16″ Touch Late 2019
15″ Touch Mid 2019
13″ Touch Mid 2019 Two Thunderbolt 3 Ports
13″ Touch Mid 2019 Four Thunderbolt 3 Ports
15″ Touch Mid 2018
13″ Touch Mid 2018
15″ Touch Mid 2017
13″ Touch Mid 2017
13″ Mid 2017
15″ Touch Late 2016
13″ Touch Late 2016
13″ Late 2016
13″ Retina Early 2015
15″ Retina Mid 2015
15″ Retina Mid 2015

Apple MacPro

Apple MacPro that can run the latest OS 12 Monterey​​
MacPro Late 2019
MacPro Late 2013

Apple MacMini

Apple MacMini that can run the latest OS 12 Monterey​​​
MacMini Late 2020
MacMini Late 2018
MacMini Late 2014

If you need help or advice on upgrading to the latest Mac OS please get in contact this is something that we can help with.